Genetics: Jamaica Blue mountain
Latitude: 18°N
Elevation:  100 to 2300 m.a.s.l. (300-7500 feet)
Height: 120-150 cm and up to 350 cm outdoor
Veg: 11-12 to 13-16 weeks
Flowering: 12 to 14-15 weeks
Aromas: floral,chewing gum,strawberries,guava
Effects: potent,clean,long-lasting,electric,cerebral,trippy,euphoric,introspective,meditative
Yield: high yielding plants
Taste: fruity,woody
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoors
Characteristics: big yielders, purple flowers,very resinous


Jamaica Blue Mountain sativas are strong and hardy, resinous, big yielders  with pleasant intense aromas of bubblegum, ripe  strawberries, floral, guava, with pungent and fragrant taste in the throat. The effect is potent, clean, long-lasting and at the end if becomes electric, cerebral, trippy euphoric and meditative.

This beautiful Sativa from Jamaica reaches heights of up to 3.5 meters in optimal conditions for the longest phenotypes, the smallest being  120  and 150 cm;. We found 7 phenotypes, some expressing beautiful purple yellow tones and green and purple streaks in the last stage of flowering. The leaves are large, thin, from 3 to 9 and 11 leaflets, some with short internodal spaces.

The  vegetative stage is variable between 11 and 12 weeks for the earliest phenotypes and 13 and 16 for the longest plants. The flowering stage for the fastest plants is 12 weeks and for the slowest is 14 and 15 weeks. All are characterized by sweet notes of floral, chewing  gum and high production. The production of the resin at its top is expressed in optimal conditions and powerful lights if grown indoors.

The taste of this Sativa is fragrant on the palate, fruity and woody touches, powerful effect of long duration, cerebral, euphoric, trippy, introspective, meditative. The plants are  also producers of great  buds that are, for the vast majority of the phenotypes, covered in resin.

Jamaica Blue Mountain is a jewel for breeding due to its high resistance to pests, diseases and high humidity, current genetics are full of polyhybrids and high genetic redundancy, this type of Sativas such as Jamaica Blue Mountain provide great diversity to the breeding of new lines and genetic varieties.

This plant withstands good amounts of nitrates which makes it a leafy plant with a beautiful load of olive green and beautiful yellowish foliage. It is resistant to extreme conditions of heat and cold, it also withstands  drought.

It comes from the east of the country and was cultivated along the longest mountain range in the Caribbean  called Blue Mountain, hence its iconic name, as well as a variety of high-quality coffee that is grown at 1,550 meters above sea level. These mountains are characterized by having different thermal floors in which the local inhabitants grow various types of crops from fruits to tubers, the diversity of fauna and flora that exists is admirable. The highest peaks are 2500 meters above sea level. These lines  have been cultivated from 100 to 2300 m.a.s.l. without any kind of problem.



Just wanted to say this “Even without nutrients and with little care and under heavy rains, extreme air currents as well and high humidity (guerrila growing) and yet they remain radiant every time i check on them