Genetics: Domesticate from Buscalan (Philippines)
Latitude: 17° N
Elevation: 1700 m.s.a.l.
Veg: 11 to 15 weeks max
Flowering:  11-15 weeks
Height: up to 2.5 metres max in optimal conditions
Aromas:  Tropical fruity mix, guava
Flavour: mildly woody and guava
Characteristics: very vigorous, healthy, strong genetics
Grow type: Outdoors, greenhouse, indoors


The Sativas of Buscalan Kalinga (Philippines) will offer  and provide you with very fine stylized resistant plants, medium flowering with incredible fruity and intense aromas, high resistance to humidity and drought.

Buscalan Kalinga has great vigour from the moment the germinative stage begins, its seeds sprout in 5 to 7 days creating a very vigorous root system  that gives way to cotyledons that are elongated and strong as well, from these first stages of growth this sativa shows a beautiful and healthy vigor which means that it is a genetic that will provide any variety with good strength, although it brings great vigor to grow from its germination it is not a sativa with long stages of vegetation, we have managed to obtain plants from 11 weeks showing its pre flowers, generally the vegetative stage goes  from 11  to 15 weeks maximum, during which the plants form branches and abundant foliage of large light green leaves of 7 and 9 thin and serrated leaflets.

The internodal spaces are of medium size, branches of symmetrical growth, conical structures and in the form of towers.  Buscalan Kalinga reaches heights of up to 2 meters. When they are in full vegetative stage, the stems and leaves, when rubbed, smell of a disgusting citrus, others smell are of green guavas. The flowering stage takes from 11 to 15 weeks, which makes it an interesting sativa since it is not necessary to wait long times for them to finish. You will be also rewarded by the quality of the resin and the terpene profiles that are inside this beautiful sativa. Very interesting to be explored.

The flowers of this Sativa from the Philippines are airy and loose with many flower clusters that make it form colas that look compact, the calyx-leaf ratio is moderate, facilitating manicure, it grows up to 2.50cm in optimal conditions. Mild woody flavour with aromatic touches and guava, the flowers give off scents like a tropical fruity mix – guava and very fragrant aromas. Powerful psychoactive effect, very active euphoric. These plants were grown at 1700 meters above sea level in a hostile environment with some deficiencies in the substrate with hydration problems and very strong and constant winds. The plants finished their life cycle without encountering any problems.