Genetics: Vietnamese Landrace
Sourcing: Personally collected in Vietnam
Vegetative stage: 12-16 weeks
Flowering: 14-16 weeks. Some up to 18 weeks (100 days +/- indoors)
Latitude: 20°N
Height: 2 – 3 metres
Aroma: Cream, menthol, eucalyptus, fruity, thyme, lemon, coffee/chocolate smell,camphor, vanilla,sandalwood,papayuela,limonaria
Effect: Clear, active, euphoric, very visual
Characteristics: Conical and tower structure


Vigorous genetics of rapid growth. These plants are grown in a national park that is a world heritage and designated a biosphere reserve in north eastern Vietnam that covers more than half of the surface of the area at an elevation between 200 and 500 metres above sea level. They have strong stems, branches, leaves and lush flowers with a vegetative stage of 12 to 16 weeks.  It reaches and exceeds three meters in a natural outdoor environment.  Its stems are thick, some emanate eucalyptus scent, most of the plants are of conical structure except for a phenotype that, both males and females, shows a tower structure from the beginning reaching and exceeding 2.5 meters.

This phenotype does not develop side branches, but its leaves are huge. Very wide internodal spaces. Its leaves are large some are giant and of a bright light green. The internal spaces are medium, some females have internodal spaces closer together. Its flowering ranges from 11 weeks to 15 weeks with light green flower clusters, large and very resinous calyxes with aroma of cream, menthol, eucalyptus, fruit, thyme and lemon. The taste is sweet and creamy, its effect is clear, active and euphoric. It has a conical structure. The leaf stes of some of the plants may smell like onions.

Comment from a grower: “This Vietnamese is a great sativa for morning wake-n-bake. It has a herbal lemongrass aroma with a note of eucalyptus and sweet hashish. The smoke taste very much like the aroma, sweet and herbal.

The buzz is very visual and retains the sweet aroma. It’s a very nice high, energetic and uplifting, so you’re able to get up and go out and get things done. These plants grow fast and tall with medium branching. Flowering takes about between 15 and 17 week or more.

Huge buds that have the distinct sativa wheathead structure with some nice firmness to them, not hard tight buds, but firm and sticky. A solid 7 for overall quality. Great with coffee!”

Please note: We have had a report from one customer that, perhaps, these plants don’t like dry heat. As a matter of fact they grow in a very humid type of climate. Relative Humidity 75-80%.