Genetics: Thai  stick from Sakhon Nakhon
Latitude:  17° N
Source: preservationexchange
Province: Sakhon Nakhon district
Elevation: from 0 to 1800 m.a.s.l.
Veg: from 14 to 18 weeks
Flower:  from 12 (fastest) to 18 (longest) weeks
Height: 150 to 280 cm
Aromas: fruity,soursop,ripe groundcherries (Physalis peruviana)
Taste: subtle fruity
Effects: very high, energetic, long-lasting, meditative-psychoactive
Yield: medium-high
Phenotyes: 6
Characteristics: resistant plants, loose buds


Beautiful and resistant plants. These classic sativas are characterized by their pleasant aromas of soursop (Annona muricata) and ripe groundcherries (commonly known as cape gooseberry or goldenberry, Physalis peruviana) . The high is very powerful and resin production is above average. The flower-leaf ratio is low, making it an easy plant to manicure.

The vegetative stage of this Thai stick is from 14 to 18 weeks with a fine bearing  and coonic structure with little foliage and medium internodal spaces, olive green and shiny green apple leaves with 7 and 9 moderately narrow serrated leaflets, the stems and foliage smell fruity by rubbing them. These plants have been cultivated up to 1800 meters above sea level without any problem of pests, diseases or fungi, on the contrary, they feel comfortable in humid type of environments as they have been left  to grow with very minimal intervention and inspection.

We’re confident that these plants will perform nicely even under extreme weather conditions, they can withstand many adversities . Some ending without problems and surpassing the height of other species and herbs.

The flowering of these plants is from 12 weeks to 18 weeks; during this time it forms beautiful colas with a medium high production with loose flowers and large calyxes  with pleasant aromas of soursop and ripe groundcherries, very characteristic and marked.

We found 6 phenotypes, all of medium height that reach heights from 150 cm to 2.80 cm with wide stems and thin branches with little foliage, during the entire flowering stage it does not present mold fungi or pests, very resistant to extreme conditions, withstands droughts and substrates with high humidity.

The potency of this classic sativa line is very high, energetic, psychoactive with a long lasting meditative psychoactive effect. The taste on the palate is subtle fruity, fragrant that remains for a few seconds in the throat. stimulates the appetite