Genetics: Landrace from Arcadia
Elevation:  120 m.a.s.l. (400 feet)
Latitude: 37°N (grown at lat 41°N)
Height: 2.5 metres
Flowering (indoors):  8-9 weeks
Flowering (outdoor): starts end July – beginning of August. End mid October
Aromas: spicy,earthy ,citrus, herbal,, woody
Flavour: citrus,herbal,woody
Effects:  creative, introspective, relaxing
Characteristics: resinous
Grow type: outdoors,greenhouse,indoors


The Arcadia cannabis strain, native to the picturesque Peloponnese region of Greece, is a botanical gem that has captivated marijuana lovers around the world. With its pure lineage and distinguished genetics, Arcadia is a testament to the natural splendor found on this historic Greek peninsula.

The Landrace Team offers you regular seeds from the legendary Arcadia, a fascinating and attractive choice for any cannabis enthusiast. Arcadia, a region with an ancient tradition in cannabis cultivation, located on the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece, is a mountainous paradise of natural beauty and rich history.

Known for its stunning landscapes and cultural heritage, Arcadia is a place where Greek mythology comes to life. Its lush forests, picturesque valleys and charming traditional villages offer a haven of tranquility and an ideal environment for outdoor exploration.

In this region, there are ancient natural sanctuaries, and a deep-rooted agricultural tradition that has historically included the cultivation of cannabis. Arcadia is a destination that combines the serenity of nature with the rich cultural heritage of Greece, making it a unique and fascinating place to visit.

The cannabis produced in this area gained special popularity during the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century when large quantities of hashish made in Greece were exported to cover the growing demand for this product in cities of great importance, such as Cairo or Alexandria, long before Morocco became the main producer of hashish of all countries in the Mediterranean and will go on to snatch the world crown from Afghanistan.

This variety of cannabis grows without problems in the Mediterranean climate. These are plants of medium height (about 2.5 meters max) that grow slender and with good lateral branching, with a moderate demand for nutrients and water. Its roots develop quickly and its clones root quickly and smoothly too. Taking into account that it is a variety traditionally used for the production of hashish (although it can also be grown for flower), its buds are relatively airy and with a good amount of trichomes, with a structure similar to that of other varieties of Mediterranean origin like Lebanese, Egyptian and Moroccan.

Outdoors it will begin flowering between the end of July and the beginning of August, being ready for harvest during the first half of October (Northern Hemisphere). Another notable characteristic of Arcadia is its high resistance to pests and especially fungi, thanks in part to the structure of its flowers.

In indoor cultivation, its stretch must be taken into account during the pre-flowering phase, so the plants can go into flowering with a relatively small size. The flowering phase can last between 8 and 9 weeks, during which time it will reward the grower with aromatic flowers covered in resin.

The flavour and aroma of Arcadia are complex, fusing citrus and herbal notes with spicy, earthy and woody nuances, a flavor that translates into resin concentrates with excellent organoleptic qualities, worthy of its lineage. For its part, the effect is relaxing and creative, rather introspective in nature and ideal for artistic activities or for a good reading session.


Amazing pure sativa from the Peloponnese! It smells of chamomile,basil,lemon,grass and oregano.Just made one joint and … I don’t have words.
Fresh herbs in my mouth. Totally Greek sativa from the past. Beautiful sativa slap, it’s like a wake-up call to dance the zorba!