Genetics:  Thai sticks from Loei province
Area: Phu Kdradueng
Source: preservationexchange
Latitude: 16° N
Elevation:  from 1200 to 2600 m.a.s.l.
Veg: from 12 to 16 and 20 weeks
Flower: from 12 to 16 weeks
Aromas: guava , metal
Effects: potent and long lasting
Phenos: 4
Characteristics: heat resistant,vigorous,low maintenance
Grow type: outdoors, green house, indoors


Splendid and fine Thai Sativa with a pleasant intense aroma of guava leaves and metal. Powerful long-lasting effect. its virtues are resistance to extreme temperatures, high vigour and low nutrient demand for growth.

The vegetative stage of this Thai Sativa is 12 weeks for the earliest phenotype and up to 16 and 20 weeks for the longest ones. The reward is its high vigour, which shows that it has been maintained and preserved with a very diverse and open genetic range.

The leaves are mostly with five leaflets and when rubbed smell like green guava leaves. The internodal spaces are wide in the first internodes, then the intermodal spaces are reduced. The  stems and foliage are light green apple and others with an intense olive green.

The flowering cycle goes from 12 weeks for the fastest phenos to 16 weeks for the ones that take longer with a loose floral structure of large resin calyxes with wide and large trichomes giving off an intense aroma of metal, guava leaves and sweet fermenting fruits  with a medium  production that will be rewarded for resistance, aromas and unique flavours.

We have found 4 phenotypes that are characterized by resistance, some yielding more and all resistant to pests, diseases and mold. These plants grow perfectly from 1200 to 2600 metres above sea level.  The tallest phenotypes measure up to 250 cm and the shortest 150 cm.