Genetics: Kibungan (Philippines)
Latitude:  16° N
Elevation: 1700 m.a.s.l.
Height: 1.2 to 2 metres
Veg:  12 to 16 weeks
Flowering:  12 to 16 weeks some up to 18 weeks
Phenotypes:  5
Yield: Medium
Aromas: Citrus, mango, fruity, menthol,  vanilla
Effects: Euphoric, meditative, long-lasting psychoactive
Characteristics: pests,fungi,mold,wind resistant, intense aromas
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse, indoor


Kibungan sativas offer great diversity, rarity, unique and magical terpene profiles, high resistance to pests, fungi and mold.

These Kibungan from the Philippines are sativas of great importance for our collection because they offer
a magical profile of intense terpenes and flavonoids, rarity in some phenotypes that make it unique and different for  the strange shapes that it takes to flower and these intense aromas of fruits, mango, citrus and touches of menthol and vanilla.

The vegetative stage of the Kibungan  is usually between 12 and 16 weeks when they acquire an average stature of 120 to 150 centimetres with medium internodal spaces, light green and large leaves ar, thin and very serrated of  3 , 5, 7 and 9 folioles. Most of them have 7 folioles. The stems are hollow with a medium thickness, irregular and conical structure, plants with great vigour and strength. We have observed  5 different phenotypes, very resistant to pests and diseases , it is very good to withstand strong winds  both in dry and humid climates.

The flowering in some is rapid and can take as little as 12 weeks (pretty fast for a pure sativa), the longest can take up to 16 and some even 18 weeks. The flowering is of  medium-high  production that is rewarded by the explosion of aromas and flavours that brings this genetic  variety from the  Philippines.

There are two phenotypes that grow with distant calyxes, very wheat-like and separated, apart from being very rare, the Kibungan produces resin  in a very beautiful and abundant way. The other phenotypes grow in a conical shape forming  beautiful towers full of aerated flowers, of large and resinous calyxes, some showing  lilac hues. They reach heights of up to two metres. Citrus aromas, fruity, menthol and vanilla.
They are very intense and fragrant aromas on the palate. Kibungan’s effects are euphoric, meditative and long-lasting psychiative.