Genetics: Sinaloa (Mexican domesticate)
Latitude: 25 N
Altitude: 1800 m.a.s.l
Vegetative: 12 – 14 weeks
Flowering:    12-13 weeks
Height: 150 to 180 cm (some up to 230 cm)
Aromas: Grapefruit, tangerine, pepper, wood, mint, eucalyptus, carrot, fruity, spicy,
Effects: potent, psychoactive, energetic, euphoric, clear, meditative.
Phenotypes: 4
Characteristics: fast
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


Sinaloa is a beautiful , vigorous and resinous sativa with a short-medium flowering and an unmistakable organoleptic profile, aromas of grapefruit, tangerines, carrots, mint, Mexican tea. Very bright, shiny meditative effects without traces of heaviness and/or drowsiness. The more marked smell is grapefruit, a very nice smell and aroma for those who use it recreationally. The taste is very fragrant and long lasting in the throat. This is a high quality smoke, very potent . You cannot expect more from this legendary and ancient sativa. A recommended plant, perfect for the breeding of new lines due to its earliness and quality of flowers and high resistance to pests and high levels of relative humidity.

Sinaloa is one of our most loved ones for its speed, its vegetative stage goes from 12 to 14 weeks maximum, very quick for such a high quality sativa. During the vegetative stage plants take on tower structures and conical shapes,  in the 4 variations in its most marked phenotypes we have noticed great symmetry for all.  Very thin and serrated medium large olive green leaves of 7 and 9 very serrated leaflets, Strong reddish and long green petioles with stems of a medium radius, very resistant with aromas of citrus and a subtle smell of mint and eucalyptus.

The maximum height is 150 and 180 cm in most of its phenotypes. Few exceed 230 cm. short-medium internodal spaces, foliage of an average amount that reveals its stems, whereas in  others the foliage is so abundant that you can’t see the  main stems or the branches, they are extremely full of leaves that start to fall from the moment the plant begins to flower.

The flowering stage goes from 12 to 13 weeks. It’s fascinating to receive this  quality of electric sativa flowers in such a short time. Although its flowers are not so productive, it has a large amount of flower clusters through its branches and its main stem, which results in an abundant harvest as well.
When ripe, some turn brown coffee, red, orange  and some phenos turn liliac.

The calyxes are very full of glandular pointy trichomes with a medium abundance of long stigmas that end in dark amber. Aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mandarines, wet wood and touches of mint and eucalyptus, carrot, spices, pepper and fruity too. Very fragrant flavor to the palate. For people who use it recreationally, they will find a flavor bomb as well as the so much sought after effect from this Mexican sativa with high potency and length of duration and of great quality. The plants from Sinaloa are true old school Mexican jewels. Potent, psychoactive, energetic, clear mind and with overall euphoric effects and meditative too.


Sinaloa is a fierce yet delicate spirit plant. A few weeks ago it had an elegant fruity scent, that has now turned to scorpion venom (I don’t actually know what scorpion venom smells like). It almost smells like a fine mescal, with fiery fumes that burn your nose. She’s intense! We’re going to let her go a few more days to see how wild she gets! Absolutely mesmerized by this elegant fiery spirit plant. Hoping this will remind me of the good old days of squinty red eyes, cotton mouth, and laughing hysterically for no reason back when weed was psychedelic and hilarious 🙂



The Sinaloa delivers BIG TIME in the flavour and psychedelic effects. The nose is spicey, almost like hot Chinese mustard that tingles and burns – similar to Mezcal fumes…. the flavour coats your palette with a peppery sensation, and a curious wasabi vapor burn on the exhale, followed by an immediate expansion behind the eyes and up through your scalp… instant waves of cannabis happiness. The old Mexican landrace varieties have a special flavour and sensation profile that is totally unique…. fiery, fierce, and powerful… with bit of old Cheech and Chong silly vibes to keep it fun. The Sinaloa is a timeless classic that remains AWESOME regardless of trends.



WOW! Now that this Sinaloa has had some time to cure… that distinct spicy smell is really popping!
I’m from the Midwest, and this is what I grew up on in the 80’s-90’s, and had so much fun laughing and being silly with friends… and now have been reunited with this nostalgic variety. This makes me so happy! Yay!
Sinaloa is wild, this hits behind the eyes on the first exhale…. vibration wave sensation behind your eyes… trippy!
After growing a number of old school Mexican varieties this season, like Acapulco Gold, Oaxaca Gold, Mexican Red Hair, Jalisco, La Lina) and now sampling, I have concluded that the old Mexican cannabis varieties are some of the best in the world! They are fun, creative, energizing, psychedelic, and giggly – so stoked to have found this.
The Mexican varieties really are in a league of their own!