Genetics: Cannabis ruderalis (wild type)
Latitude: 55° N
Sourcing: Local from Tatarstan
Growing: form June to August
Harvest: throughout August in Tatarstan
Plants height: anywhere from 50 cm to 1,80 metres max
Aroma/Smell: Diesel, citrus, pine, sour, acid
Effects: mellow high
Grow type: outdoors, greenhouse, indoors
Characteristics: Frost resistant, CBD, several phenotypes


These are ruderal plants growing in and around the city of Kazan. They are wild plants, not cultivated nor tended by men. Some specimens found in nature but most of them can be found by the road sides and around homes and gardens.

Growing at very high latitudes these plants have adapted to very short summers (3 months, from June until August). They have a very short cycle of about a total of 90 days. Very resistant to frost and cold climates. The height of these plants vary from a minimum of 40-50 centimetres to 1,80 metres.

They usually have a narrow structure with light but also dark green leaves and at the end of their life cycle some of the leaves and buds too turn violet. Various smells have been noted ranging from citrus to pine and some others with more sour, pungent, acidic, diesel smell. The effect given by the plants smelling acidic have produced a mellow type of hgh although the buds were not properly dried.

These plants give of incredible smells ranging from sour to acid, spicy, lemon, pine.
The height goes from  0.50 cm to 150 – 180 cm max. These plants are not planted by men but grow cyclically and locally every summer. Seeds from mature plants fall on the ground in late August and in September where they remain the whole autumn, winter and spring until around May when temperatures rise again and allow the seeds to germinate.

If you ar eliving in very cold areas where cold winters set in quickly or if you want to decrease the waiting times or shorten the flowering or even create a strain that adapts well the type of specific climate where you live, consider these genetics. They are fast, require no care and take bad weather without problem.