Genetics: Maui Wowie x Jamaican Longtime
Type: hybrid
Veg: 30 days indoors under 18/6
Flower: 14 weeks under 11.5/ 13.5 hrs
Aromas: sour apples,lemon,slight orange,”allspice”(pimenta dioica)
Effects: cheerful,giggly,laughing


The plant was grown under 25W the first 30 days and under 100W for the rest of her life. So this cannot be considered a fully realiable report.

Transplanted into a 2 gal (8lt Fabric pot) Living organic soil using only Water for the entire growth!!.
Flipped to flower under 100 watts when she was only about 10cm (never topped). Approx 10 days later her first flowers showed and was now 20cm tall. Fast forward 14 weeks later all under 11.5/12.5 100watts. Oh I forgot she maxed out at 50cm tall. As far as smells the best we can describe it is sour apple,lemon,slight orange and pimenta dioica. As far as a fresh sample over 3 nights trying.

As I was laying down in bed watching South Park which is my go-to show for testing the giggle affect. Definitely laughing more than usual,cheeks feel like they’re constantly smiling.Actually interested in the commercials or any show that was on. It was too hard not to be fascinated with whatever I was watching. Not a real crash after a couple of hours but tired, but then again I was laying down and it was midnight each trial night. Overall this girl has potential. I’m not going to exaggerate and say it was mind blowing but it was better than what’s going around here no doubt!!”