Genetics: Landrace from Ghana
Latitude: 7°N
Altitude: 100-2600 m.a.s.l.
Height: 180-200 centimetres
Veg. 12-16 weeks
Flower: 13-17 weeks
Aromas: spices,menthol,turpentine
Taste: spicy,herbal,peppery,minty,woody,tobacco
Effects: trippy,creative,sociable,psychoactive,long-lasting
Yied: medium
Phenotypes: 6
Characteristics: humidity and high temperature resistant. Medium size
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse,indoors


The sativas from Ghana are very potent with  trippy,creative,psychoactive and sociable effects with unmistakable, pleasant and unique aromas of spices, menthol and turpentine; These plants are resistant to humidity and very high heat temperatures.

These Ghana from western Africa are of medium-tall size and reach heights of up to 180-200 centimetres in optimal conditions with dark green foliage and medium thin serrated leaves displaying 6 phenotypes.

Before the flowering starts, the plants have already taken on a marked conical structure with medium internodal spaces and long branches with a vegetative stage of 12 to 16 weeks and a flowering cycle of 13-17 weeks; the production of Ghana is medium and it has a pointed calyx of a resinous dark green and medium brown stigmas too. When drying, the flowers turn dark brown and this colour remains even when the buds are curing.

The effect is very potent and long lasting and it ranks among the strongest sativas in the TLT stable with strong and unique aromas, these plants  are very psychoactive and  can cause paranoia and lysergic effects.
A classic genetic worthy of being collected. It can’t be missing in the collection of lovers of unique, very potent and special sativas.

The plants can be grown from 100  to 2600 metres above sea level, they were planted in a humid climate at 1500 metres altitude and they grew without any kind of problems. Coming from near the equator these plants are used to humid, wet and very hot climates.