Genetics:  Corinto Cauca Valley (Cauca department, S.W. Colombia)
Latitude: 3° N
Elevation:  1000 m.a.s.l.
Veg: 13-15 weeks
Flowering: 12-16 weeks
Aromas: lemon peel,cumin,fruits,paprika,tangerine,liliac,river/creek type of smell,pepper,musk
Effects: devastating, long lasting, psychoactive
Yield: high
Phenotypes: 8
Characteristics: vigorous,pest and disease resistant. Dark purple phenos
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoors


Pure Colombian variety preserved since the 70’s  It comes from the Cauca valley  in the south of Colombia, from the lines that were grown in Corinto in a sector (Vereda) called “La Cominera” and “Caloto” in the Cauca valley . We say that “they were grown” because to find a Corinto in these places in Colombia is already impossible due to the invasion of early Dutch and American polyhybrids that can generate for a farmer in the area from 3 to  4 crops in a year, which represents a faster income, not like the Corinto sativa and her  sisters like Punto Rojo that can take a total of up to 9 months to finish.

This line was locally called “Coro”. Some collectors call it also “Limon Verde”, “Cominera”, Corinto Purple” or “Corinto Monster”.

Its vegetative growth goes  from 13 to 15 weeks, its flowering is from 12 to 16 weeks. It presents several phenotypes, some tall and others shorter, conical in shape and with a very imposing central flower. The leaves are light green with 7 and 9 thin leaflets, some take on dark purple colours in the last stage of flowering in their leaves and flowers.  It has great vigour and reaches great heights  at an accelerated speed, reaching 150 cm (the smallest ones) up  to 3 meters for the tallest ones.

After initiating its vegetative stage, it grows homogeneously, creating conical structures. The buds are even, dense, some are small with large and pointed calyxes, others are more abundant and with reddish stigmas, some have the aroma of lemon peels, paprika, cumin, fruits and tangerine. We have found up to  8 phenotypes. These plants have great potential  in THC and a great capacity to reproduce trichomes.

The potency of these plants is, simply put, devastating. Corinto delivers a powerful psychoactive and euphoric high with a long lasting effect of up to 4 hours. It stimulates your appetite.

These sativas from Corinto are resistant to pests and diseases and extreme conditions, we have cultivated them from 500 to 2100 metres  above sea level, their production is high for some phenotypes.


The smoke from what I have sampled is closest to the old Colombian of anything I’ve had too. I actually love that it is extremely long getting to flower, and long flowering. It tells me it is a true equilateral sativa, which is what most people wanting the legit thing want. The smells are almost like a lilac smell, with a sort of “river”/”creek” type thing in there too. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s really nice smelling, very unique! They are very different from most all other cannabis I’ve encountered. Colombian is possibly the best weed on the planet and you are probably the only place to offer real Colombian lines and that’s pretty cool! I also have some Punto Rojo from you guys! Thanks again for getting these out!



Grew Corinto from TLT over the summer. They did great outside. I light depped them every night in the garage for 14 hours and they turned out great. Did get some purple on the stems. They are a little fruity smelling and have a
great high after curing for a month.



My son tried some that wasn’t properly dry the other day and at first thought it wasn’t very strong so he packed another bong and said it “knocked his socks off”. must be a creeper.

Pepper and funk with some pine gum and herbs. It was pretty intense trying to trim yesterday, I was time slipping and phasing in and out listening to the music, very intense. My family thought it was strong too and they’re seasoned. I thought it was very strong and could have been devastating but didn’t have much at all like the rest of the family.
I actually really like the effect and it seemed to have very little paranoia and minimal hangover. I think it’s still improving with age and I’m sure I could have easily overdone it if I tried. My son’s friends tried some Corinto last night, one said it was strong, the other started time warping! He put a pizza in the oven and 2 minutes later he got up and was like “shit! my pizza will be burning” but it hadn’t even started cooking yet!

It’s been a month and a half cure and the seasoned smokers are getting 2 hours plus now with no negative effects at all and it’s definitely strong! They won’t smoke it at night though if they want to sleep. It’s not a cold, sterile high either, more warm.