Genetics: 50% Kalamata Red  50% Autoflower sativa
Region: Southern Europe
Strain: Early Kalamata
Latitude: 37 N
Harvest: A month earlier than pure Kalamata Red and flower quicker, too.
Height : 1.5m+
Flowering : 9-11 weeks
Aromas: Complex and sweet aromas of candy, lemon, honey, floral
Flavours: Sweet and floral
Effects: Euphoric, motivating, creative, slightly crazy, relaxing
Characteristics: Early flowering sativa  with a touch of indica. Even standing alone – it’s a great smoke!
Grow Type: Indoors. Greenhouse and especially Outdoors. Grow for it!

An early to start version of the Kalamata Red that was made by crossing 3 carefully selected Auto Sativa mothers with 2 excellent pure Kalamata Red fathers.

The resultant  version should start up to a month earlier than the pure Kalamata Red and so will be of interest to all growers who don’t have the joy of long, warm late summers. Growers in Northern Europe or high latitude growers who wish to try the Kalamata Red can at least grow and smoke this 50% Kalamata variety and appreciate its effects.

That is not to take anything away from the Auto sativa mothers. 3 very different females selected from highly regarded regular stock. The genetic mix within the Auto sativa mothers is complex. It started with an Automatic Northern Lights that was hybridised with a pure haze plant. The resultant plants were inbred until  they were true 100% autos themselves and the process was repeated with a Zamal mother until, once again, fully Automatic seeds were produced. It is from these seeds that the 3 favourite mothers were selected.

All 3 had their own nuances and aromas but all were based around a very very sweet and floral terpene profile. Yields, flower quality and resins were very very impressive and the highs – for fully automatic cannabis plants – were excellent.
The fathers were carefully selected for their citric aromas, resin production, general vigour and sturdy frames.

The overall growth, flowering times and plant structures are much more ’tamed’ than with the original Kalamata Red and you will find that the finished product has a more modern ‘bag appeal’ than the original, too. It starts up to a month earlier and flowers quicker too. The aromas are very sweet and honeyed and if you select well you will find great mixtures of that Kalamata citrus and the sweet complex aromas of those mothers.

The Early Kalamata is not a pure sativa and has a small percentage of that Northern Lights in there, helping out with all of the growth, resin, potency and yield that it does but also adding, of course, its own physically relaxing and mental-mind-journey ways to the back-end of the effects. The phenotypes can be varied between the indica and sativa ways. The small percentage of Zamal genetics increases the craziness factor of the effects just enough to make things fun.

If you don’t live in Southern Greece and don’t enjoy mediterranean climates but still want to sample the world famous Kalamata Red, here is your chance. You can easily grow this plant indoors, too. Much better than you think it will be. Even standing alone – it’s a great smoke! Grow for it!