Landrace: Ta Nao Si (Tenasserim mountain range)
Latitude: 12 N
Elevation: 400 m.a.s.l. (1300 ft)
Height: 2-3 metres
Sowing: August in Thailand
Harvest: December-January in Thailand
Flowering: 16-20 weeks
Aromas: menthol,lemongrass,orange peel,ripe fruit
Effects: helps the focus and to be aware. Makes you feel hungry
Yield: medium
Characteristics: numerous inflorescences along the branches Red stems and branches
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoors


Originally from the Tenasserim hills range where it is cultivated and seeds come originally from. This acession comes from the Kaeng Krachan area in the Phetchaburi amphoe (district). The Tenasserim hills divide Myanmar from Thailand. Sourced in situ from a local grower. The local Thai name for Tenassrim is ” Ta Nao Si” hence the name of this landrace, where originally has been grown. Aromas of  orange peel mixed with lemongrass and ripe fruit.

According to record, it was found to spread in the Tanaosri mountain range, whih is a continuous line from the Thanon Thong Chai mountain range. It is a border between Thailand and Myanmar, starting from Kanchanaburi province down south through Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi,Prachuap Khiri Khan and Chumpon with a length of approximately 834 kilometres from the information given by the villagers or folk healers in the mountains of Tanaosri and Thanon Thongchai mountain range in the provinces of Kanchanaburi Tak and all the way t othe southern part of Thailand to be used as data to differentiate from Rud Sua strain, which has similar characteristics.

From the information, it was found that the characteristics of Ta Nao Si is that of having a high THC value as well as unique inflorescences and aromas. Many inflorescences have a peculiar smell of orange peel mixed with the smell of lemongrass and some of ripe fruit. There are two phenotypes. One having more THC and almost no CBD at all, and another phenotype that shows a more balanced THC:CBD ratio with some showing more CBD than THC. Some of the plants will show the characteristic of having red stems,branches and petioles. The effects reported are said to helps to stay focused and aware during the day. If you eat it in cakes or cookies you’ll feel drunken. The smell has a cool menthol scent.