Genetics: Matekoane landrace from Lesotho
Sourced: Locally sourced by local grower
Latitude: 29°S
Traditional use: Used also for spiritual reasons when “talking to the ancestors”
Height: 1.5 – 3 metres in natural outdoor environment
Sowing: November (in Lesotho)
Harvest: March – May
Flowering: 14 to 16 weeks (some 18 weeks)
Elevation: 1000 – 1600 metres
Characteristics: Very hardy and cold tolerant. Long nodes and very branchy
Aromas: Mango, peaches, spices, pine,sage
Taste: Fruity, woody, mango, carrot
Effects: Clean,clear,energising,psychedelic,very cerebral with a happy and meditative vibe


Lesotho is a very mountainous country , also having the distinction of the highest country in the world with no part less than a 1000m high, this is why it’s called “The Kingdom of the sky” and “Roof of Africa”.

The landrace that grows here is called “Matekoane” and is very hardy and cold tolerant 
These seeds are from a valley with its own microclimate near the Maluti Mountians.
They have a flowering on average of 14 to 16 weeks with some 18+ weekers.

The terpenes are a range of mango, peaches and spices.
The high is very clear and cerebral , with a happy and meditative vibe to it.

The plants have long nodes, very branchy. The height varies between a minimum of 1.5 metres to 3 metres depending on the environment.

Something very characteristic of Leshoto is that it is a sativa with a relatively short flowering cycle. It is one of the most interesting qualities for breeding projects of high thc plants, because it is difficult to find fast plants with high percentages of thc