SPIN GHAR (Tora Bora)

Genetics: Pure Tora Bora Hindu Kush Landrace Strain
Sourcing:  Spīn Ghar Mountain Range, Hindu Kush, Afghanistan – Family farm
Latitude: 34° N
Purpose: Chars (sieved resin)
Harvest: late September to October  
Height: 4 FT = 1,20 Metres
Flowering: Between 10 to 14 weeks max (depending on plant)
Aromas: Body odour, armpit funk&very hashy&loud,onions,sweet sage,Metallic,floral,dank
Taste: hashy, sweetness
Effects: Uplifted,heady,racey at first and then sedative after. You become aware of things. Appetite inducing.
Characteristics: hardy, bushy, squatty, short internode, broad leaves.Very pungent smell
Grow Type: Outdoors, greenhouse, or indoors

Spin Ghar is also called White Mountain, also known as Safēd Kōh, Speen Ghar, or the Indian Caucasus as late as the 19th century, and as the Morga Range, is a mountain range in eastern Afghanistan, which expands into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan This is a pure Hindu Kush landrace from the Spin Ghar Mountain Range, Hindu Kush, Afghanistan, directly from a family farm growing for generations in Afghanistan. The area is famous for the Tora Bora (‘Black Cave‘) cavern complex where war in 2011 took place. The place is on the border of Khyber and Nangarhar provinces.  These seeds were personally collected from local small farmers who have been growing for generations.

The region where these plants grow is very very hot. Temperatures easily reach 120+ F / 48+ Celsius and the winters are very mild. During winter the temperatures rarely reach freezing point. Only a few times the soil gets frozen during winter months.
These plants are very hardy and growing out of rocks and very dry clay looking soil.
These are the hardiest plants you will ever grow. For them to come from that environment and survive more than 4 frost and a couple of freezing temps nights in the Northeast USA, they are amazing old school specimens.

You won’t need no topping or anything as their natural height is 4ft / 1,20 metres max if you grown them in 3 gal pots. They won’t get tall even if grown in soil. Very uniform Christmas tree structure with tallest reaching 4 ft tall and others remaining short and stocky little bonsai type bushes. Plants give off a body odor, arm pit funk and very hashy are the terps to be expected. The Smell is very very pungent. The taste is just like it smells but equated to a very dank hashy mouth coating sweetness that will fill your lungs quickly and fill a room with the dankest funk imaginable. That funk sticks to the walls.

The source writes: ” Flowering time . I took the small female bonsai 14 weeks. She most likely could have been pulled at 12 weeks or possibly even 11 but I wanted her to be fully ripe to capture all the effects she had to offer… So I would say flowering times range from 10 to 12 weeks… Even though they are Indica they kindof flower like a sativa and you get both affects from the high. Sativa racy and paranoid feeling at first and slowly creeps into a enlightening melt down to a sedative state. Truly original old school genetics.”

“The High is racey at first and you become very aware or things. It is a creeper. The first twenty minutes the affects are very potent and straight to the head, then after about 15 minutes or so that you will slowly wear down and the sedative effect will take over. It will definitely affect your motor skills so not advisable to operate equipment or walk around for too long when medicated with these treasures.”

The source adds: “This is the most spiritual uplifting smoke. I solved all the world’s problems with one smoke. It opened my eyes and mind to a lot that’s going on in the world. Very very special smoke. 4 hrs + highs are the norm for this amazing old school cultivar. I would smoke at morning about 8 am and I would feel like all day high.  4 hours high plus was the normal high, and after that if I smoked another it would be a all day high.”
These are truly amazing old school cultivars. Original as they come from the farm of their origin. Raw and uncut. These are straight from the farm to you.


They are the real deal Afgani, identical to the first seeds to arrive in Hawaii in 1976. Very fruity, fast growing the biggest 7′ tall  (2 metres).