Genetics: Pure Malawian Landrace
Latitude: 11°S
Sourced: Directly from Malawi. Not indoor reproductions.
Purpose: Ganja. Locals use it also for pain relief, eye infections and tootache. Hair and food products, mostly oil from seeds.
Characteristics: Highly euphoric, long lasting energizing high. Christmas tree structure. Red stem Malawi has red stems with same aromas of Malawi Gold.
Height: Some phenos between 180cm and 2 metres. Some others over 2 metres.
Sowing season: October/November. Locals plant with the rainy season (October/November). Rainy season is from November to March
Regional harvest: Between March-April and May
Flowering: 16-18 weeks in outdoor to fully mature
Aromas: pineapple, peach, lemon, minty,/eucalyptus, woody, earthy, herbal, floral
Taste: peaches, guava juice, sweet then sour
Effects: speedy,could cause paranoia
Grow type: Outdoors or greenhouse (indoors requires experience)


Malawi Gold is a landrace strain from the South-East of Africa that has been grown and used in Malawi for generations. Regardless of what you’ve heard, Malawi Gold has a few phenotypes depending on which part of Malawi you collect it from. There’s the “Kaning’ina” strain from the North-West side of Malawi from the area known by the same name “Kaning’ina” in the Mzimba district. These seeds will give you tall plants, 2 metres and above in outdoor and if well taken care of. The branches of these plants are long and thin and with few fan leaves, with a lot of buds that express a low calyx-to-leaf ratio. They are all high in THC. The “Kaning’ina” and Malawi Gold and Red Stem keep you active. Good for creators and artists. They give you power and energy to do manual works such as digging big pits in the ground after smoking one joint.

And then you will also find the iconic Malawi gold, which a lot of us are familiar with, and then there’s the Malawi red stem, that as the name tells, displays red stems, not forgetting the “Nchila wa Nkhosa” strain, that resembles the tail of a lamb, short tree ( 0.80cm – 1 meters ) that has the classic Christmas tree shape, and a few other phenotypes that the local traditional healers keep to themselves. These Malawi strains offer an enticing floral aroma with latent fragrances of herbs, and earth. They take 16 weeks to fully mature. By sampling these strains, you can be sure you will be having one of the surviving ancestors of modern-day cannabis. It’s like having a museum in your garden that induces happy, uplifting, energetic, and cerebral highs. Especially used for toothache by the locals. When you have a bad tooth, locals do a mix with the leaves and put it on the bad tooth to numb the pain. Kaning’ina, is a tall tree, with a lot of branches. very small leaves, it has a minty aroma and the high is very active. Buds are sticky.

There are differences in the plants collected. They can be put into 4 groups. Farmers let things flow. They allow pollination although is light.

  1. Kaning’ina, is left to be pollinated thus the buds have more seeds than the other three phenos
  2. Red stem Malawi lightly seeded.
  3. Malawi gold. lightly seeded.
  4. Nchila wa Nkhosa (tail of a lamb) short tree with very few seeds. Sometimes none.


This is the as soon as dry smoke report. After 2 puffs I felt an energetic buzz that starts in your body and goes to your head. After 5 puffs I got a little bit of a headband affect on my face. Then the high creeps up on you. It’s energetic and makes you want to do things. It makes me focused, creative, and happy. I definitely could not sleep on this buzz.
This is a lighter more energetic buzz than the Double Scorpion.