Genetics: Double Scorpion
Type: Hybrid – Punto Rojo st (Colombian male) x Lagkitan st (Philippines female)
Breeder: Criposo Art
Latitude: 5*N
Elevation: 500-2500 m.a.s.l.
Veg: 12-14 weeks
Flower: 12-14 weeks
Height: up to 2.5 metres
Aromas: mint,lemon,incense,biter chocolate,pine
Taste: incense,mint,woody
Effect: psychedelic,lysergic,very potent
Yield: medium-high
Phenotypes: 4 in total (2 have the scorpion tail structure.High yielding)
Characteristics: heat,wind resistant,purple colours,scorpion tail phenos,Pest resistant


This is a super powerful and colorful sativa, its power can offer psychedelic and lysergic effects, We are very pleased with the result we have obtained since it is a resistant sativa with beautiful colours and structure but above all with a devastating, potent, lucid and brilliant effect.

This splendid cross between two classic sativa jewels from The Landrace Team is one of the best sativas when it comes to potency. It has no narcotic effects nor leaves traces of heaviness and its effect is very potent, psychoactive and meditative. It brings everything together, flavour, resistance, potency and a great effect.

This powerful super sativa is the result of one of our special Lagkitan purple scorpion phenotype females from the Philippines with aromas of mint and fruity bubblegum. We have crossed it to an outstanding, beautiful and very productive Punto Rojo scorpion tail male phenotype that comes from very resinous and potent plants with pleasant aromas of haze and very marked incense.

This is the perfect result for lovers of powerful and stylized sativas. It grows with leaves of 7 and 9 very thin and sharp leaflets. It is vigorous from its first stages of growth, The main stem is thick and its branches are thin. Beautiful structures of potent and colorful purple resinous wheat phenotype flowers. There are also very potent green colours.

The vegetative stage goes from 12 to 14 weeks and in flower it reaches a height of up to 2.5 meters in optimal conditions; Flowering takes between 12 to 14 weeks maximum. During this time it creates these wonderful stylized and productive structures It is the perfect fusion.

The aromas emanating from this cross are of menthol, acrid, fruity lemons and incense. It shows beautiful colours and classic sativa structures with thin leaves. The aroma when lit up is of a very penetrating acid and its flavour is of incense,mint and woody.

We have cultivated it from 500 to 2500 m.a.s.l. without problems of any kind. It is highly resistant to pests, fungi and extreme conditions of heat, cold and strong winds.

Note: There are four phenotypes in total. Two of them have the scorpion tail structure.
They are all high yielding. There are two purple phenotypes,one being reddish/purple and  two green.


Double Scorpion from preliminary smoke report is WOW. The buds were barely dry enough to smoke and no cure. After 5 puffs it felt like my scalp was being drawn up tight at the crown of my head. Then it felt like a tightening around my forehead. The high was long lasting: 4 hours and very calming/mood improving. The dry pull on the joint tasted like cough syrup. When smoked there was the cough syrup and butter chocolate taste. I’m super impressed with the potency and effects of this strain. Bag appeal is not good. Update! This does not stimulate appetite. Do not judge this book by its cover. This is fire!!


This has a piney, bitter chocolate smell. The taste is like cough syrup. It’s pretty unique compared to the modern hybrids I’m familiar with. The high is felt almost instantly and it hits hard. It feels like the top of your scalp is being drawn tight then a tightness of the forehead. It has a very headband effect. This settles into a very calming and mood improving high. This is potent smoke and the high lasted 4 hours. That’s smoking right after dry and without a cure.This is an appetite suppressor. The Double Scorpion is a powerful high and an extremely resilient plant.