Genetics: Zacatecas (male) x Deep Chunk (female)

Type: Sativa x Indica Hybrid
Elevation: 1500-2300 m.a.s.l. (5000-7500 ft)
Height: 80-150 cm
Vegetative: 13-14 weeks
Flowering: 8-10 weeks
Aromas: very intense bitter coffe,floral,pine,solvent and sweet,skunky,musky,earthy
Flavour: solvent with earthy and menthol
Yield: medium-high
Phenos: 4
Effects: psychoactive, potent, long-lasting, euphoric
Characteristics:, early, resinous, beautiful black-purple, pink tones and intense aromas of coffee



The combination of these genetics is perfect. We have noticed the great psychoactive effects of the father, the Zacatecas Purple that is enhanced and improved in flavour  and taste on the palate and in the air.
The touches of its mother, the  Deep Chunk have given a magical touch to the flavour. With the result of this wonderful combination of genes we have given ourselves the task of selecting the fastest resinous and most powerful phenos. The plants grow in a homogeneous way but with phenotypic variability of up to 4 expressions that are characterized by their wide leaves that end dark. red and purple in most plants.

What they all have in common is the way they produce resin, the precocity, the extreme effects they produce, psychoactive and the pleasant intense aromas both in the air and on the palate. It is a true explosion of flavours and colours, some showing pink hues in sharp contrast with the black and/or  purple of the leaves.

The result of this hybrid is magical and wonderful. It seems  a superior plant. These are early plants with the appearance of an indica inherited from its Afghan mother “Deep Chunk” . The effect is extremely psychoactive, higher than its own father Zacatecas Purple. The structure is similar to Deep Chunk in its height and precocity. It is a perfect outcome because the fusion of these two genetics gives  homogeneous and resinous plants  with high resistance to extreme weather conditions, both heat and cold.

This variety is very special because of its potency  and above all the intense flavour that has marked the palate, a true work of art in all aspects, something truly beautiful to grow.