Genetics: Oaxaca Gold
Latitude: 16° N
Elevation: from 1300 to 2800 m.a.s.l.
Height of plants: 150 – 200 centimetres
Veg: 13-16 weeks
Flower:  12-16 weeks
Aromas: fruity (mangoes,bananas,tangerines,citrusy) creamy,woody
Taste: woody and fruity
Effects: long-lasting,psychedelic,euphoric
Phenotypes: 5
Yield: medium
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoors
Characteristics: heat and humid tolerant


These Oaxaca Gold plants mix the best fruit versions of mangoes, bananas and tangerines, with creamy, woody  and citrusy touches. Simply put all the phenotypes of this legendary sativa (04) are characterized by their powerful aromas and way of producing resin. It is a very peculiar and unmistakable Sativa due to its accentuated and marked fruity and creamy aromas.

The colours of the mature flowers are light green, yellow and very bright earth giving way to a  velvety yellow, brown and reddish flowers as the flowering comes to an end. The flavour is fragrant, woody and fruity on the palate with a devastating and long-lasting psychoactive effect; the high can create a very psychedelic, euphoric, psychoactive and  lysergic  effects as well.

They grow vigorously, some with pinkish red stems and moderately abundant foliage, are humidity and high temperatures tolerant and grow vigorously in warm but also in colder – temperate climates.
They’ve been grown at various altitudes, from 1300 to 2800 metres above sea level.

It measures from 150 to 200 centimetres in optimal conditions. The vegetative goes from  13 to 16 weeks and flowering is usually complete between a minimum of  12 to a maximum of  16 weeks for the longest phenotypes. large calyx flowers with a good amount of resin production.