Genetics: Panama Red ’78 x Panama Red 2000
Source: via TLT member
Latitude: 8° N
Elevation: from 0 to 2200 m.a.s.l.
Veg: 12-14 weeks
Flower: 12-14 weeks
Height: 120-150 cm up to 180 cm
Aromas: Floral, spicy, menthol, incense, mango, metal
Flavour: fruity
Effects: clear, creative, bright, psychoactive, long lasting, tranquillity, peaceful, harmony
Yield: medium
Phenotypes: 4
Characteristics: red and pink stigmas.
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoors


Fast Sativa of Powerful Psychoactive Speaking Long-term with nice hot metallized and floral aromas, this line is a crossing of two pure Panamanian plants, one from 70’s (1978)  and another Panamanian collected in 2000. The smallest parental ones were selected for their speed and early flower onset  with large amounts of resin for both the  two Panamanian sativas used. It was selected the best of these two lines characterizing in them, that is, an early bloom and  good resin production.

Spicy, mentholated and incense floral aromas, pink and red stigmas, this is the perfect selection for those who seek a sativa that is quick and potent.  Clear, creative, bright and psychoactive effect. It provides a very smooth and lightly sedative touch at the end.

This sativa is the result of the selection of two very psychoactive beautiful sativas, it is perfect because in addition to providing agility to grow, it reaches  120 to 150 cm with little foliage growing in a conical shape with great vigour. The Panama Red  shows strength from its branches to their apical buds. The internodal spaces are short, medium thin leaves of 7 and 9 leaflets  and  thick stems. We can find 4 phenotypes, three small and one large and elongated. Vegetative stage from 12 to 14 weeks.

The flowering of these beautiful plants takes from 12 weeks to 14 weeks. Really,  to get these blooming times with this cross of two Panamanian classics is something beautiful and desireable that we can achieve. Compact flowers without becoming like rocks. Floral aromas, incense, menthol, spicy and mango and large trichomes.

A long lasting effect, creative, clear,  psychoactive effect.  in the end it is a little sedative without being narcotic. The Panama Red gives you tranquility peace and harmony, a feeling of wonderful well-being.
Soft fruity taste to the palate. Medium production; These plants have been grown from 0 msnm until 2200 meters above sea level without showing signs of pests, fungi and diseases.