Genetics: Swaziland domesticate
Latitude: 26° S
Elevation: 1000 m.a.s.l.
Height: 2 – 2.50 metres
Vegetative:  10, 12, 15 weeks
Flowering:  12 to 14 weeks
Phenotypes: 4
Aromas: intense mango smell,papaya,menthol,pine,solvent,minty,spicy,fruity,citrusy,floor wax,biscuits
Taste:fruity and woody
Effects: Long-lasting, powerful,energetic,clean,clear-headed,psychedelic,temporary amnesia
Characteristics: fast growers,resistant,red veining,thick foliage
Grow type: Outdoor, greenhouse, indoor,

The Sativa Plants of Swaziland Gold is a true sativa full of fragrant resin and high potency, fast producing in 12-14 weeks of flowering you will have it ready, great quality of grass of this African Sativa, short vegetative stage from 10 12 and 15 weeks, potency resin terpene quality resistance and precocity make it unique and palatable for breeding powerful genetics with high potency levels and interesting flavonoid and terpene profiles.

Swaziland  begins its vegetative stage at high speed, forming a beautiful structure of a conic Christmas tree highlighting its central apical bud with a beautiful tower-like architecture. Tthroughout its structure it forms a beautiful abundant and lush foliage with medium internodal spaces of between 5  and 10 cm of dark olive green leaves of 3, 5 and 7 narrow and elongated thin leaflets.

Sturdy thick stems with red veining, internal colorful vigorous branches with a lot of shoots of secondary branches that make it look like a very thick foliage in general. The stems smell of a disgusting acid.
The plants usually reach a height of 2 meters up to 2 metres and a half in optimal conditions.

Some of them  have a vegetative stage of 10 weeks and another need 15 weeks maximum. We have observed  4 different variations in height but their foliage structure and leaf shape is what characterizes them. Real sativa gems from Swaziland.

The flowering stage is also pretty fast for these plants and goes from a minimum of 12 to 14 weeks maximum. Some phenotypes are earlier to flower, others are later with unique and unmatched characteristics in their aromas and flavours.

Loose flowers with a large amount of resin in their 4 distinctive phenotypes and among them there are variations but always conserving the quality and quantity of resin. The calyxes are large and elongated, pointed with bent tips buds with few leaves.  When flowering is half way through, the large fan leaves fall at high speed which gives space for the low branches and buds in general to swell up a bit more since the light filters in better.

Airy buds with beautiful floral agglomerations  with minimal amount of leaves which facilitates manicuring whereas some other flowers have more foliage around them. Fruity aromas of mango, mountain papaya, menthol, pine and sweet solvent. Long-lasting powerful effect, energetic,clear psychoactive. In some can become psychedelic and generate  a temporary amnesia. It is a temporary effect. This would be a “quality” of these Swaziland sativas with a dense smoke of great quality and power, fruity  and woody.