Genetics:  Thai Chiang Rai Landrace
Sourcing: The Landrace Team in N. Thailand
Latitude:  19°N
Height:  2 metres max in outdoor
Vegetative: 16-18 weeks
Flowering: 16-18 weeks
Aromas: papaya, dragonfruit, golden berry,champagne,parsnip
Flavour: woody, fruity, subtle anise
Effect: cerebral, euphoric, long lasting. No drowsiness
Characteristics: intense olive bright green.


The seeds of these sativa plants come from the North East of the province of Chiang Rai. The plant has a vegetative stage 12 -18 weeks, its structure is conical with an imposing central bud, medium internodal spaces, its branches are symmetrical with short spaces between each flowering bud, its leaves are large, medium-sized and very jagged. Intense olive green with a very peculiar brightness;

The seeds are of medium size with a soft ocher gray colour with dark veins and mottled with amber colour. The flowering of this beautiful Sativa goes from 16 weeks to 18 weeks with thin clusters of flowering in the shape of a wheat spike.Very few plants finish between 12 and 14 weeks. Its calyxes are medium and very resinous, the flowering of the main bud is long and massive, it looks compact but the interior of each bud is airy with endings like wheat. The aromas of this beautiful resin are of papaya, dragonfruit and golden berry. It is a fresh and sweet aroma, its flavor is woody and fruity. Active, energetic, cerebral, euphoric long-lasting effect disappears without leaving  any trace of heaviness  in the body.

Please note: the presence of hermaphroditic individuals is not to be ruled out.