Region: South America
Genetics: Pure Colombian Landrace
Latitude: 2° N
Regional Harvest: End of October
Region: Tierra Adentro (South of Huila Colombia)
Seeds: Regular
Height: 2 to 3 meters in optimal conditions (natural outdoor environment in Colombia)
Yield: 500gr. of dried flowers in natural outdoor environment
Vegetative stage: 16 to 20 weeks
Flowering: 12 to 16 weeks
Aromas: Fruits, frankincense, pine, lime, pepper, floral
Effect: Psychedelic, little trippy, laugh-inducing, day brightener
Characteristics: Several phentotypes showing pink or red or golden green pistils, some also purple. Cone-shaped plants, with main cola and christmas tree like


Pure Colombian variety coming from Tierradentro. There are two major differences in this line, those of high and low mountains. Those from the high mountains are more psychoactive and euphoric like those of the Sierra. The others from the south and interior of the country and the low mountains deliver a very special psychoactive buzz, euphoric , and with a touch of corporal effect at the end, there are low percentages of CBD that give it a balanced and very special effect, it gives great well-being, they are not narcotic, that is, they have a low percentage of CBD, it stimulates the appetite (ideal for medicine).

The smoke of this Punto Rojo is soft and smooth, with a subtle taste and incense smell, its taste is not fragrant on the palate, rather, it is woody. Its effect is psychoactive and can become lysergic and psychedelic. It produces hunger and a slight weight in the body at the end, but it’s very fleeting. It makes you feel very active and gives you energy to perform daily tasks without getting too sleepy or drowsy. Its effect goes on for 3 hours and more.

They have great vigor, their vegetative stage goes from 16 weeks to 20 weeks, its flowering from 12 to 16 weeks depending on the phenotype, the low mountain types finish faster, there are three main phenotypes, all are conical, like a Christmas tree, very symmetrical, with thin thin leaves, the high mountain ones have thin leaflets, the low mountain ones have leaflets a little wider, also very sharp and with pink or red pistils, there are some of purple phenotype in both high mountain and low mountain, and a beautiful golden green phenotype.

They have great genetic potential due to their resistance to fungal pests and extreme temperatures. Its aromas are fruity and with incense notes for both the high and low mountain, producing more than 500g per plant in its natural outdoor environment, the seeds are, elongated. The colour is brown gray and a dark tanned veined color. It has great resistance to moisture, fungi and pests.

Tierradentro was so named because it belonged to a department with a topography of mountainous knots and deep canyons; Due to this, the Spaniards called it Tierra Adentro (inland) because they felt enclosed between mountains.

Note: These seeds come from Colombia, using original colombian seeds. They have been obtained by open pollination, using as many male and female plants as possible in natural outdoor environment. We have removed the plants with weak and undesired traits so as to strengthen and preserve the desired traits and at the same time keeping the maximum possible biodiversity of this line.