Genetics: Thai Landrace
Region: Mae Hong Son
Strain: Thai Hill
Sourcing: The Landrace Team in N.W. Thailand
Latitude: 19°N
Harvest: October/November
Height: 2 metres outdoors
Seeds: Regular
Vegetative stage: 12-15 weeks
Flowering: 15-16 weeks
Aroma: Sweet carrots and sweet tropical fruits
Taste: woody flavour with fruity and fragrant touches
Characteristics: Great vigor with large serrated leaves of 7, 9 and 11 leaflets. Intermodal spaces of 5 to 10cm


We have named this line Thai Hill because we have sourced it at 500 metres above sea level. Thai Hill is a sativa of great vigour with large serrated leaves of 7, 9 and 11 leaflets of a medium green with intermodal spaces of 5 to 10cm. It has a veg time that goes from 12 to 15 weeks and a flowering of 15 -16 weeks.

Its flowers are loose with a moderate resin production and large chalice and aromas of sweet carrots and sweet tropical fruits. Its effect is very clear and active without leaving a trail of heaviness in the end. It is meditative and long lasting,  it allows you to remain fully focused and energized, it gives you a feeling of  great well-being and expansion. It has a woody flavor with fruity and fragrant touches.