Male: Uzbekistan
Vegetative: 6-7 weeks
Flowering: 7-8 weeks
Height: 80 cm (2.6ft)
Aromas: caramelized coffee and rubber
Effects: narcotic and psychoactive.
Characteristics: beautiful Uzbeki male  with reddish and purple hues with a vegetative stage of only 7 weeks and a very short flowering period of 6 weeks. The leaves are of an intense and shiny olive green, from the generation of this cute male, some leaves end up in beautiful dark and their appearance looks special and old, others end up intense purple, the stem is wide, cupped and when rubbed it smells of caramelized coffee and rubber with wide leaves.


Female: Nigerian Purple
Vegetative: 12 Weeks.
Flowering: 12 Weeks.
Height: 150 cm
Aromas: fique (Furcraea) and mint
Flavour: fruity, lemongrass
Effects: highly motivating, creative, clean

This Sativa is our most special selection of the Nigerian Afro Pips, simply put, a perfect and beautiful plant, selected for its intense purple phenotype with a penetrating aroma of lemongrass on the palate; thin leaves that look like spears pointing to the sky when in optimal condition; The colour of the leaves are light olive green and more than halfway through flowering they turn yellowish that stand out with the purple flowers,. A true work of art to see the contrast of colours that this Nigerian selection shows. The flavor is fruity with a pleasant psychoactive and clean motivating effect. A treasure of phenotype within this Nigerian line.