Genetics: Iranian landrace “domesticate” from Yazd
Sourcing: The Landrace Team
Latitude: 31° N
Elevation: 1200 m.a.s.l.
Flowering: 10 weeks
Aromas: slightly gassy,sweet and sour hash,earthy,herbal,exotic,perfumy,spicy
Phenotypes: 3
Yield: abundant
Characteristics: Resistant to disease, hardy, vigorous, desert plant, productive plants
Grow type: outdoor, greenhouse, indoor


We’ve carefully examined and smoked the Iranian plant from Yazd on several occasions, both straight in the mid day, and after smoking others in the evening. This is a plant that the serious hobby grower and smoker and all those genuinely interested in preservation will want to have and explore further.

The Yazd  has a sweet, earthy, herbal aroma. Not very strong in terms of frost or terpenes, but has a pleasant and smooth flavour and aroma. Reminiscent of pure Kandahar (Afghanistan) from the old days (1970’s). The flavour is slightly sweet, herbal, distinctive. The range one detects is earthy and smooth. Not harsh on the inhale or exhale.

The Yazd clearly has been grown and “worked by local Iranian farmers used to growing it, but remains widely variable and semi-wild. We’ve noted three phenotypes, two of which were crazy wild and of not much use for preservation. The domesticated type was more refined, with numerous and nicely formed buds, indica appearance. Also, the pheno selected was more noticeably frosty than the wild sisters, which were dismissed.

By Western standards, it may be considered to have a very mild high, we’d  guess 10-12% THC at most. Its evident value is as a repository of resistance to disease and general hardiness, reflecting its desert heritage. A strain that can be used in crosses very easily, because it has decent potency, some nice flavour and is hardy and vigorous. Additionally it is an exotic plant. Structurally it is a pretty standard looking plant, with a central cola, evenly space side branching and nice consistent tight bud structure. It grows about 5-6 feet tall (150 – 180 centimetres), pretty minimal in the flower stretch. Buds spaced about 2-3″ (5-7 centimetres) apart and spread down the limbs evenly.

As for effect, it’s a mild head high with subtle body notes. Would appeal to those who don’t like crazy high levels of THC like in today’s hybrids, only specialist types would find particular merit in its qualities. The final two females that were keepers are very similar, and have almost identical structure, flavour/aroma, high and yield. The Yazd is an interesting exotic and worth searching for outstanding plants. Yazd females exhibit consistent qualities of healthy growth, medium stature, fast and vigorous flowering.

*** A grower comment ***

Another cool Iranian variety already throwing crystal, and the smell is unlike anything my nose has ever processed.
It kind of scrambles your brain because the smell is so unique and pleasant, it transports you.
These Iranian aromas are so complex and layered, they tell a story, and they affect you deeply and emotionally through your olfactory system… it’s pretty wild!