Genetics:  Niakoye, pure Senegalese ganja plant
Latitude: 12° N
Sourcing: The Landrace Team in Senegal
Traditional use: Ganja
Characteristics: Short and medium tall. Grown in sandy soil.
Height:  1 to 2 metres
Regional harvest: from October to April/May depending when seeds have been sown
Flowering: Between 12 to 14 weeks
Aroma: Peppery, spicy, hashy, some light notes of incense, woody
Effect: Powerful, induces hunger. Head high. Clear, happy, talkative, energetic
Grow type: Outdoor, indoors, greenhouse

The plant is known locally as Yamba. It is the general term used for this plant. It grows or can be grown all over the country in a tropical type of climate, especially the southern part. During flowering temps can easily reach and go past forty degrees Celsius (100° F).

These plants are usually growing in patches of sandy soil. These patches are well hidden inland. The effects of the smoke are quickly experienced and they are mainly felt in your head. Effects of euphoria,  positivity, cheerfulness are the norm after sampling the yamba.

You will notice that your energy levels increase and you will experience a lot of activity going on in your body. You’ll feel in harmony with everything and everyone around you. you will act in a cool, relaxed and positive way with the others. Nothing will touch you. it makes you also pretty hungry.

The harvest season varies according to the month seeds have been sown. It usually  happens between October and  April (sometimes May) before the rainy season starts again in June. The humid and rainy season goes from June to October whereas the hot and dry season starts in November until April, May.

These plants grow literally in sand with salty water running underneath their roots. They must have developed high tolerance to both the strong heat during the 3 months of flowering and also the poorness of the soil. The height can vary between small plants (not more than 1 metre) to taller ones , reaching the 2 metres max. also the colours can vary from deep to light green.

They can be a very good tool both in terms of breeding and simply growing. They are really easy plants that don’t require any fertilizer, especially if from the mineral world. About the aromas, we smelled mainly spices, pepper and light tones of hash and incense.

Senegal is a great day booster when you need energy to go to work or do daily activities. It can also be used in the evening when you go out with your friends. Great tool to socialize and talk. Very outgoing and fun strain. If you are a sativa lover and don’t like 16 or more weeks to harvest your plant, consider trying Senegal. 100% sativa that can finish in as early as 12 weeks.