Three Mnogolistka females were pollinated by two ABC males. Surprisingly, this connection results in a plant with a leaf that has the structure of an ABC leaf in the first generation. However, the leaf is significantly larger, not as stiff and shiny as in ABC. Young plants form massive leaves from the very beginning, so the start, unlike ABC, is fast. From about the fifth floor, the leaves are more compact and the size gradually decreases, but the leaves are still significantly larger than the ABC leaves.

The growth is energetic and the plants respond well to fertilization. It has a powerful root system and copes well with drought and nutrient deficiencies.

It typically forms a main stem with long side branches, and the plant responds very vigorously to topping and training by massively forming fine and long branches. You can easily reach a huge shrub in the shape of a ball. It is remarkable how densely it can branch. In moist, well-fertilized soil, the plants are massive and the leaves are large, while in dry soil in full sun, the plant is more like ABC. If it does not have enough light, it hardly forms lower side branches and branching begins later in the top parts.Due to its leaf shape, it does not look like Cannabis. If it is trained, thanks to the large number of long branches and inconspicuous leaves, in the case of outdoor cultivation, it blends perfectly with the surrounding vegetation.

The beginning of flowering is at the turn of August/September, ripening at the end of October. Flowering is short and ripening faster than ABC. Buds that are on narrow and long branches can bend the branches to the ground, but do not break them because the stems are hollow and a well-developed bast ensures sufficient strength. Botrytis resistance is average.

Due to the fact that the ancestors were not significantly selectively bred, the potency is lower, We assume THC up to 10% with a predominance of CBD. Therefore, it is suitable for further breeding, or for those who prefer a rather mild effect and a higher CBD content.

With the temperature drop approaching freezing, the plants turn completely dark purple to almost black. Green phenotypes and red stem phenotypes also appear. It will last even a week of weaker frosts and will continue to ripen.

The scent is rich, sour, earthy, hash, lemon, mint and pine and slightly fruity. Like ABC, it doesn’t give off much odor until you touch it. The effect is psychoactive, rather calming and relatively narcotic.

  • Germination of Mnogolitska x ABC seeds

Mnogolistka x ABC seeds due to ancestors can tend to be partly dormant or germinate for a long time, which can also be caused by a harder husk and a massive membrane. It is advisable to germinate the seeds at 24 ° C -26 ° C and ensure that air reaches the seed and is not on too wet a substrate. Usually part of the seeds germinate within a week. There is a risk that a seed that doesn’t germinate for a very long time will be attacked by a pathogen, therefore, it is desirable to speed up germination. Seeds that don’t germinate even after a week, are suitable for cracking and washed in a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide or dried again and then treated. After such a procedure, all the seeds usually germinate.


The MNOGOLISTKA x ABC from the landrace team was exactly as described by another grower and the seed listing.