Genetics: Afghani Landrace Domesticate
Region: Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan
Sourcing: Chora agricultural district, Oruzgan Province, in situ
Latitude: 32° N
Altitude: 1750 m.a.s.l.
Height: 1 – 2 meters
Sowing: March
Harvest: October – November
Aromas: sweet herbs, saffron, lemon, diesel, garlic, skunk
Taste: Incense, pine, spices, hashy, earthy finish
Effects: Calming, happy, soothing, relaxing without narcotic effect. Cerebral energy flow followed by release of mental and physical tension. Pleasant Ajnaa Chakra relaxing sensation. Stress-relieving and meditative at low dose, lucid-dreaming and astral projection at higher dose.
Characteristic: Vigorous, high-yielding, wildly resilient, tight internode spacing, resinous, drought resistant.  Several phenotypical expressions have been observed, high level of genetic variation and genetic novelty thanks to the open pollination practices of Oruzgan farmers.
Grow Type: Outdoor, greenhouse, indoor
Phylos genotype report: https://phylos.bio/g-feihq


Banghi (cannabis) has a rich, storied history in Oruzgan Province.  These seeds come from the original harvest from the Chora agricultural District. Oruzgan has long been one of the more isolated provinces in Afghanistan, both geographically and politically.  These seeds carry a storied genetic history, protected proudly by the farmers that sow them year after year.  Ideal for pheno-hunters, these seeds display a beautiful selection of genetic variation and novelty thanks to the local farmers traditional open-pollination growing practice.

Ranging in height from 1 to 2 meters.  The Oruzgan plants display a blend of indica and sativa traits but leaning more towards indica in effect and plant structure.  Broad leaves frequently displaying purpling color change in cooler temperatures approaching harvest. Short internode spacing and girthy long cola buds.  Strong lateral branching with thick stems.

These plants grow under very rigorous conditions in their native habitat, having a bamboo-like trunk and meristems that resist wind breakage.  Wildly resilient, the Oruzgan behaves like she’s been surviving in Afghanistan for years, don’t spoil her! She does not respond well to over-watering or over-fertilization, being particularly sensitive to nitrogen heavy fertilizers.  She shows considerable cold hardiness, thriving outdoors throughout the duration of a temperate stateside winter. She develops heavy trichomes, even on the water leaves to an extent.  A very resinous plant ideal for hash or chars (hand-rolled). Pistils show pure white and magenta until they mature to amber and violet at harvest.

Her smoke is truly unique, clearing and calming without being overly sedating.  She has an uplifting cerebral tingle, followed by a release of Ajna chakra tension that melts away stress and worries followed by the same melting away sensation of physical stress and tension.  Not overly narcotic, great for meditation, the day’s end or socializing with friends.  Her scent is like sweet herbs, lemon, saffron, with a hint of skunky garlicy aromas.  Her taste is reminiscent of temple incense, pine, spices and hash,with an earthy finish.

Here’s a Phylos report on the Oruzgan:  Phylos genotype report: https://phylos.bio/g-feihq

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