Father: Romulan BX1 from Romulan Genetics

Type: Cross (Thai x Mexican x Columbian x Afghani) x Columbian
Vegetative: 10 weeks indoor using soil and led lights
Flowering: 70 days
Height: Tall at around 150-180 cm in a 16L pot
Yield: medium-high
Aromas: spicy, skunky, old fruit, distinctive, eye watering!
Flavour: fruity, earthy, sweet/sour, mouth-watering. Excellent for vape
Effects: clear-headed, uplifting, good medical strain for PTSD, nerve based pain, muscle spasm and anxiety.
Characteristics: Good resistance to mould and pests and tolerant to heat and cold.


Mother: Pakrai75 (Indica dominant) from The Land Race Team
Type: Cross (Thai Chiang Rai male) x (Pakistan1975 female)
Vegetative: 10-14 weeks indoor using soil and led lights
Flowering: 45-55 days
Height: Short at around 80 – 120 cm  in a 16L pot
Yield: medium – high
Aromas: liquorice, aniseed, solvent, funky.
Flavour: incense, liquorice, earthy, musky and long lasting
Effects: uplifting, day-brightener, good for muscle pain.
Characteristics: Beautiful colours, short plant. Plants and buds resistant to humidity. Fast flowering


We liked the medicinal benefits of both plants and were curious to see how others found them. Both produced calming effects for anxiety and PTSD and again, we could only imagine good things coming out of their combined genetics. Add to this the tolerance to temperature change shown by the Romulan and the fast-flowering time (for the indica leaning pheno) of the Pakrai75 and it felt like a winner.

The Pakrai75 Indica mother has been a favourite since adding it to our mothers earlier this year. She’s consistently flowering early and ready to harvest, at around 45-55 days! She has a lovely coating of THC and shows both cloudy, cream and lilac in her trichomes when at her best. Excellent for dry sieve and extractions. Could easily enter and win any competition.

We were delighted to get both the Indica and the Sativa pheno types in our Pakrai75 seeds from The Landrace Team.