Genetics: Badakhshan, NE Afghanistan
Latitude: 37 N
Elevation: 1500 – 2200 m.a.s.l. (4900 – 7200 ft)
Height:  120-200 cm
Veg: 8 – 10 weeks
Flowering:  7-8 weeks (50-60 days)
Aromas: burnt grease, goat, rubber, cheese, lavender, gas
Flavour: strong acrid and very subtle lavender
Yield: high
Phenos: 6
Effect: potent, long-lasting, sedative
Characteristics: the goat smell in the stable
Grow type: outdoor,greenhouse,indoor


This line from the N.E. Afghanistan has wide thick serrated leaves; high growth vigour and a beautiful, very strong coonic structure from its lower branches to those that reach the main apical bud. The sub branches also have high vigour, thick strong stems with a texture of points and hairs near the apical buds that, when rubbed, emanate intense aromas of lemon and lavender. We inspected these stems and they contain glandular trichomes  from week 5, something very interesting to analyze.

It has short intermodal spaces with abundant and productive flowering due to the entire structure that it develops in its vegetative stage. The sub branches are close together, which makes it create very productive floral towers; It is ultra resistant to pests, diseases and above all to humidity and fungi that cause a variety of diseases in many current hybrid lines that do not have these great, very important qualities of repelling these types of mold and high resistance to extreme conditions  and high humidity.

The effect of this Afghan variety is devastating. Very potent, causing a body stoned feeling. They also contain good amounts of THC, which makes them  very potent, introspective and give you a soaring high due to this extra psychoactive addition. It is a powerful and very sedative effect in the end and lasts a long time.

These plants are a beauty to behold. They show shades from yellows and almost white flowers to light purples and intense blacks and other purple and reddish yellow veins. There are some very magical combinations of colours in these beautiful plants.

They are very photogenic lines and we are sure that these genes can be transmitted and stabilized through good breeding. Overall a very interesting, authentic  and unique line from Afghanistan  to explore in search of stabilizing these pungent and strong aromas and this beautiful explosion of colours and resin.  Highly recommended.

Characteristics:  high vigour, high resistance to mould, pests and humid climates. In addition to these great qualities for this type of lines, it has a very particular smell of gas emanating from the goats in the stable, burnt fat, cheese, rubber and lavender. Colours from yellow and white to intense purple and black, a true range of cannabis colours enclosed in a single authentic strain from Afghanistan. Enjoy!