Genetics: Tajiki landrace “Shirin Gol”
Veg: 8 weeks
Flower:  end of September outdoor
Flower: 45-50 days (indoors)
Height: 80 to 150 cm
Aromas: citrus,earthy,spices,ammonia
Effects: deeply calming, anti stree and anti anxiety
Yield: medium
Phenotypes: 2 (shorter and longer flowring)
Characteristics: short plants, fast flowering


In the mountainous Tajikistan, a botanical gem has flourished over the centuries, going unnoticed by many. This is Shirin Gol, a pure cannabis strain, a plant that has thrived in the unique conditions of this geographic region and has developed its own identity over time, embodying the richness of the Earth’s biodiversity and traditions.  Discover the secrets of this variety that has captivated connoisseurs and growers around the world!

Tajikistan, nestled between Kyrgistan, Uzbekistan, China and Afghanistan is a natural paradise, a country of great natural beauty and impressive geography. The geography of Tajikistan is dominated by mountains, as it is home to a significant part of the Pamir mountain range,  often called “the roof of the world.” These mountains, with peaks reaching altitudes of more than 7,000 meters, define the Tajik landscape and contribute to its unique climate.

Tajikistan’s climate varies depending on altitude. In the lower regions, such as the valleys of the Amu Daria River and the Sir Daria River, the climate is subtropical and experiences warm summers and mild winters. However, as you go higher up, the climate becomes alpine, with cold winters and cool summers. The high Pamir Mountains are covered in snow for much of the year, creating a challenging but beautiful environment.

Tajikistan’s geography also includes stunning rivers and lakes, such as Karakul and Iskanderkul, which are set amid spectacular mountain landscapes. Tajikistan’s high altitude and mountainous geography make the country a unique and attractive place for nature lovers and adventurers seeking alpine experiences and stunning landscapes.

Shirin Gol is a variety of cannabis from Tajikistan, a treasure in the world of cannabis cultivation. These plants, of medium height, have a set of unique characteristics that make them stand out in the world of landrace cultivation, such as their intense aroma and rapid flowering.

In terms of appearance, these plants are characterized by having a moderate height, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its leaves have relatively narrow leaflets giving them an elegant and distinguished appearance compared to other varieties.

One of the most notable qualities of these Tajiki plants is the flower production. Although it is considered a medium yielder compared to some high-yielding strains, especially compared to hybrids, its flowers are of exceptional quality. The buds are usually fleshy and resinous, which makes them highly valued by connoisseurs of the plant and, especially, of old-school resin concentrates.

In terms of nutritional needs of the plants, this strain falls within the range of normal demands, making it suitable for both beginners and more advanced growers. It is important to provide a proper balance of nutrients to ensure a healthy growth and optimal flower production. As for watering needs the Tajiki plants require medium watering, no large amounts are needed and preferably in the morning before the sun gets hot.

Regarding the outdoor flowering cycle, it is important to highlight that Shirin Gol usually finishes its flowering between the end of September and the beginning of October, depending on the phenotype and, of course, the weather conditions. This makes it an excellent choice for growers in regions with temperate climates and shorter growing seasons, as it allows harvesting before the weather turns unfavourable. If you grow them indoors expect them to finish flowering really fast, that is 45-50 days.

The aroma of this variety presents clear citrus and earthy notes with spicy and chemical nuances, reminiscent of ammonia, present in both phenotypes. The  effects are deeply relaxing and very pleasant, typical of indicas from the Central Asian area and ideal for those suffering from  anxiety or stress.