Genetics: landrace from Helmand province, south Afghanistan
Latitude: 31 N
Height: 150 – 180 cm
Veg:: 7 – 8 weeks
Flower: 50 – 60 days
Elevation: 1500-2200 m.a.s.l. (5000-7000 feet)
Aromas: soursop,champagne,mandarin,old varnish,cheese,rubber,ripe banana,sweer cheese
Taste: fruity
Yield: medium – high
Phenotypes: 8
Effects: narcotic
Characteristics: purle phenos, sandy resin, intense soursop and champagne aromas.



The plants from Helmand, Afghanistan, are fast and vigorous cannabis plants with wide serrated leaves that become a little thinner  as they reach the apical buds. The most beautiful and unique thing that characterizes this strong Cannabis indica is a purple phenotype with a unique and intense soursop aroma (Annona muricata). The plants from Helmand are very resinous with large and abundant resin glands. The internodal spaces are short. There are also other phenotypes that smell intensely like champagne, old varnish and cheese.

When rubbed, the stems in the vegetative stage are sticky and with an intense fruity aroma. Generally speaking these plants in general are a work of art of nature. They produce resin in great abundance and the resin is of the sand-type,  with large glands.

They are an excellent choice for extractions.The flavour is penetrating on the palate with citrus and mandarin notes; powerful and long-lasting narcotic effect. It is a pleasant effect of well-being and tranquility. At first you are a little active, then your muscles and senses relax to enter a state of harmony, rest and total tranquility.

These are interesting Afghan genes to explore and add to new genetic varieties of cannabis and medicine because we believe that it has an interesting balance in the relationship of THC and CBD. To be noted a minimal presence of psychoactivity.