GENETICS: Hang Kra Rog (Squirrel Tail)
Latitude:  16 N
Elevation: 1500-2500 m.a.s.l. (5000-8000 ft)
Veg: 16-18 weeks
Flowering: 16-20 weeks
Height: from 3 to 6 metres (10 to 20 ft)
Aromas: intense fruits,cape gooseberry,papaya,lemon,mango,menthol
Flavour: fruity,mango,smooth,tobacco,spicy
Yield: high
Phenos: 4
Effects: psychoactive,energetic,very active,awake,euphoric,psychedelic
Characteristics:  gigantic,strong sativa high,powerful intense aromas,highly resistant



This ancient Thai genetic line is excellent for its tall size,  high and pleasant production and intense aromas of gooseberry and mango. This Thai Sativa grows vigorously at a very accelerated rate, reaching and exceeding 5 meters in height, expressing up to 4 phenotypes.

There is a phenotype that can take up to  20 weeks to complete flowering and the reward of this phenotype is a fluffy and velvety sativa flower with a beautiful light yellow colour and there is also a resinous and early producing phenotype.

This plant is a wonder  to behold because in optimal conditions it takes on the structure of a giant araucaria. The Hang Kra Rog (translated in Squirrel Tail)  has beautiful  large thin leaves with 7 and 9 serrated  leaflets and a very beautiful intense olive green that tries to shine in the light. During flowering the branches acquire a very particular structure with  compact colas. Some grow irregularly but the low and high branches also develop compact and resinous colas.

Some believe them to be irregular, but the low and high branches also develop compact and resinous colas. This classic Thai Sativa is a worthy representative of the genes of this part of the world that has given us so many beautiful and spectacular lines. This line is really very special for its great size, beauty and how slender it is. Not so many lines reach these dimensions!

For more technical crops, this line from a 12/12 photoperiod from seeds reaches this gigantic height, something extraordinary within cannabis genetics since the vast majority of modern genetics, if taken outdoor with such photoperiod (12/12) will only reach heights of 40 to 60 centimetres  max. Something really overwhelming for many hobbyists who expect a great harvest. For others who like to breed new plants, this will be a Thai variety that can help you achieve stronger plants and, best of all, with different organoleptic profiles.