Genetics: Hybrid (Uzbekistan male x Haze female)
Characteristics: early,resinous,potent


Vegetative: 6-7 weeks
Flowering: 7-8 weeks
Height: 80 cm
Aromas: caramel,coffee,rubber
Effects: narcotic and psychoactive


Vegetative: 12 weeks
Flowering: 12 weeks
Height: 150cm
Aromas: sweet, woody, incense
Flavour: citrus, fruity
Effects: lysergic, psychedelic, motivating, inspiring, euphoric


F1 hybrid between a beautiful Uzbeki male with reddish and purple hues with a veg. time of only 7 weeks and a very short flowering  of 6 weeks.  The leaves are intense and shiny olive green, from the generation of this cute male, some leaves end up with a beautiful dark colouration and their appearance looks special and old while others end up with an intense purple. The stem is wide and when rubbed it gives off a scent of caramelized coffee and rubber with wide leaves.

The female used is a beautiful and ultra resinous Original Haze, with a trippy  effect, very powerful , lysergic and  psychedelic. In addition to this, it is a selection and as a result we have a very special early phenotype of 12 weeks. It has very pleasant, intense, sweet and  fruity aromas that recall the past of the Colombian sativa lines with an extra addition of resin.  Haze is our mother selected for its great attributes, the precocity, the resin, the aromas, the flavour that we have obtained pleases us enormously for this line as well as the veg and flower period we have managed to significantly reduce. This female in particular is at the top of the Haze lines that we have. Early, resinous,  selected for its high potency and clean effect as well.

The result of this F1 hybrid is worthy of being explored by connoisseurs and lovers of unique lines and genetic diversity with classic legendary lines that are the ones that really provide something magical and different. This is the result of the crossing of two selected authentic legendary lines for its great qualities and precocity, making it easy for the collector to find a unique and special strain quickly.