The origins of Deep Chunk

If we talk about legendary hash plants, one of the first countries that comes to mind is Afghanistan. Home of some of the most renowned Indica strains, the farms located on the foothills of its mountain ranges are known for producing large amounts of hashish, as well as opium. It was during the 60’s and 70’s decades when lots of westerners followed the steps of the Hippy Hashish Trail and visited remote cannabis-producing areas from Near East to South Asia.

Thanks to some of these travellers, new and exotic strains from all these countries arrived in the West, especially in the USA, where the first Indica/Sativa hybrids were created in order to have better plants for indoor growers, faster and more productive. During the late 70’s, one of the most renowned Indicas was introduced to Northern California by the famous breeder Tom Hill: it was called Deep Chunk, and was one of the most resinous plants ever seen in the USA.

A few decades later, Deep Chunk was being grown and reproduced in other countries, sometimes keeping its genetics pure while other times being crossed to other plants, most of the times Sativas with long flowering periods and improvable resin production. Some of the resulting hybrids were, and still are, considered true cannabis gems, and are still available from different seed sources.

Deep Chunk, a true Afghani hashplant

Without a doubt, Deep Chunk is one of the most peculiar and characteristic Afghani strains. Its huge, broad leaves and chunky structure are well-known by many growers, as well as its astounding production of resin glands. Already during the growth period, the grower realises he has something special in his hands: the plants grow short and compact, with very thick stems and short internodal spacing. It is advisable to use large containers or, otherwise, plant it directly in the ground. It does not like heavy feeding nor constant irrigation, so it’s not the best type of plant for hydro setups.

Once the bloom stage begins, these plants are soon covered with a thick layer of trichomes that can be noticed even on the fan leaves. It is not strange to see the leaves curling upwards, with incredible amounts of resin glands. While it is not a heavy bud yielder (flower yields are average and the calyx-to-leaf ratio is low), when it comes to making hash it is a truly outstanding landrace, probably the best pure Indica genetics for producing extracts and concentrates. As the flowering period advances, some phenotypes exhibit thinner leaflets at the tops.

Indoor plants will need to bloom for around 8 weeks to fully mature, while outdoor growers normally harvest it during September (in the northern hemisphere). While it can be grown indoors without much trouble,  apart from the huge leaves, it is outside where it shows its full potential, producing short and sturdy plants with tons of resin! Its growth might not be as vigorous as other strains, especially indoors, but it makes up for this with its production of trichomes.

Traditionally, in their place of origin Deep Chunk plants are dry-sieved in different ways, from silk sieves to modern resin-extracting machines. No matter how you do it; when done properly, the quality and quantity of the resin obtained is simply amazing, without forgetting its unique organoleptic properties. We recommend dry-sieving the plants and collect the resin ranging from 70 to 150 microns, but you can also use a Rosin press or solvents without a problem.

Since it is a stabilised IBL strain, Deep Chunk breeds true for several interesting traits, and so has been used in breeding projects all over the world to develop new and awesome hybrids. It normally transmits shorter size, faster flowering and better resin production, especially when crossed to pure Sativa plants. It is actually considered some of the best pure Indica genetics by some breeders, being often called a perfect plant to hybridize.

Flavour and effect of Deep Chunk

The scent and taste of Deep Chunk are intense and complex, ranging from hashy pine to old leather, with subtle earthy and skunky notes with coffe and chocolate undertones, long lasting and truly delicious. Proper curing of the dried buds will enhance these organoleptic traits, resulting in a smooth and flavourful smoke that is highly appreciated among true connoisseurs.

The effect is mainly relaxing and highly appreciated by medicinal patients, being ideal for treating stress, insomnia or anxiety, also to improve mood and stimulate the appetite. A few tokes are usually enough to feel these effects, which can last a few hours and are ideal for a movie session or just to chill with your buddies.

If you’d like to enjoy a true old-school afghan line with awesome features, you must definitely give Deep Chunk a try, you won’t be disappointed!