Wanna, this is the most famous area of Waziristan, most of the tribes living here are refugees from Afghanistan.
We left for Wanna and we got to see very scenic areas on the way, different colours of nature, step by step, and the beautiful mountains and green plains in the distance.

I was told by a resident of Wanna who works in my town that in their villages they cultivate a high standard variety of cannabis plants whose hash is produced only for the business of sending it and selling it to Europe and America. I felt strange hearing this and wondered if it was possible that a few days later the resident of Wanna, only on one occasion, could have sent me what he deemed the most special hash.

Sure enough, few days later two hundred grams of that same hash he told me about were delivered to me and were standing now on my table waiting to be sampled. Without wasting any time i rolled one up. I clearly remember it was the first week of December back then.

The weather was already very cold and I sampled one gram of that hash from Waziristan. I felt the effect after about 2 minutes and boy i am no novice. The only word I can think of to describe it is “Unbelieveable”. Why? Simple, it got me so high in that cold day of December that I will never forget.

Never before had I felt so high in my life. The hash had a pine nut like aroma and taste. There is a huge pine nut forest in the area where they produce it. It also carried a bit of musk aroma in the hash.
This local said that the Afghan immigrants who have been living there for the past forty years grow a special type of cannabis and their hash is very expensive and has a very strong and narcotic effect.

I felt very happy and excited after listening to all these stories and I also felt that same strong narcotic effect from that hash that tasted so good and smooth. The local went on to say that the local farmers grow very good quality plants to get pure hash from which is then sold at high prices in the market, both in Pakistan and out of the country.

Unfortunately, already in 2010, the Taliban had built their shelters there as well. They used to forcibly take away hash from the farmers at cheap prices. Due to this cruelty of the Taliban, the farmers hard work was wasted. They didn’t know how special their marijuana was.

One day the big hash buyers coming from Punjab visited these places. Those people, after sampling the hash from the farmers, got under its strong narcotic effects and started buying it at high prices and this hash
started to be sold in the cities at a high price. I also enjoyed very much going to these areas for the pleasure of sampling it locally, that is, freshly made.

Local farmers in all these areas want to promote more cannabis cultivation, but due to government restrictions, all these areas have been declared illegal and under close surveillance. Some villages are located nearby and there is also extensive cultivation. I was eager to go there in August, but the Taliban were already occupying these places, and anyone coming from any other city could risk his life.. This was happening already in 2015. I could not reach those areas because of the Taliban. But after a few years the government was established in all the areas which were near the Afghan border, and then there were ANF operations that destroyed millions of cannabis plants. The people who settled in the city there found ways to conceal their cannabis cultivation business from the government and those who had large crops began to cultivate the superior varieties of cannabis in the villages which were inside forested areas. They never stopped growing those superior varieties.

By 2019, access to their crops became very difficult, in some cases not possible. Those people live at several thousands metres above sea level. It was easy to make a special quality of hash at those altitudes. In 2020 it was reportedly very difficult to get to where all those crops were but at the same time I was, nonetheless, obsessed with the idea of reaching those places. What you have now is from those plants and i am glad and at the same time excited to get these genetics out so that people can enjoy them as much as i did in that cold winter day of December.