The Legendary Malawi Gold


The story of the legendary Malawi Gold cannabis strain is an iconic tale that can be told in 101 different ways and still takes  one`s imagination from the lush green …

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Cretan cannabis


The Cretan is another classic heirloom strain from Greece, the seeds from this domesticate plant were collected in the early 90’s from mountainous villages of Rethymno area on the island …

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The Terpenes in Cannabis

Some Cannabis users describe the psychoactive effects of C. Indica and Sativa as distinctive, even opposite. Are they really? Beyond reports  by users, is there a clear evidence for  “pharmacologically” …

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Hermaphroditism, causes, origins and curiosity

Hermaphroditism or monoicism is the phenomenon by which an individual of a given species can reproduce both male and female gametes simultaneously or subsequently. Etymologically, the term hermaphrodite derives from Hermaphrodite, …

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