The arrival of cannabis in New Caledonia


Cannabis arrived only a few decades ago on this French Pacific island, some tribal elders talk about 1950 (World War II) with the presence of Americans. Others evoke the 60’s and 70’s with the Hippie / Woodstock period; There are many legends about it and some even speak of several hundred years, something that could …

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Cretan cannabis

Crete cultivar

The Cretan is another classic heirloom strain from Greece, the seeds from this domesticate plant were collected in the early 90’s from mountainous villages of Rethymno area on the island of Crete.These 90’s Cretan genetics, due to the outdoor open pollination techniques, contain high genetic diversity and expressing various phenotypes with similar characteristics and superior …

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Lebanese Red and Blonde hash plants

Lebanese cannabis plants

The origins of cannabis cultivation in Lebanon date back several centuries ago, being a major tradinggood already in Ottoman times. Indeed, the Ottoman Empire was in constant need of cannabis fibre tosupply its Navy, thus developing a huge hemp industry throughout its territories. Traditionally, cannabishas been grown in Lebanon in different areas, although it is …

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Cannabis, history, the plant and more

The exact place of origin of cannabis has not been clarified so far, it is generally believed to correspond to Central Asia. While the use of the plant for the manufacture of fabrics is witnessed by finds from the Neolithic era in China (5200-6200 years ago), the medicinal use is documented in a famous writing …

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The new European cannabis phase

1798: Napoleon Bonaparte lands in Alexandria with thirty thousand French soldiers and two thousand cannons. He defeats the Mamelukes’ army near the Pyramids, and conquers Cairo, all through one of those flash wars of which the French general was a specialist. Two years earlier, with a similar military operation, it had conquered the Lombardy region …

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Lebanese Hash: The entire production chain

Lebanon is a country that has fascinated us deeply. As soon as we landed in the middle of the night, we took a local mini bus that took us straight into the heart of the Bekaa valley. Arriving in the early hours of the morning with the sun just starting to illuminate the peaks of …

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Cannabis in Iran: Questions and answers by religious scholars on the use of Cannabis in Iran

Questions Questions sent to the Marja’s. Question 1. Is the consumption of cannabis and its derivatives permitted? Question 2. If cannabis and its derivatives are consumed for treatment of diseases, what is the judgement? Question 3. Is the cultivation of cannabis for the purpose of production of legal medical and pharmacological products permitted? Question  4. …

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Punto Rojo by The Landrace Team

The name Punto Rojo speaks for itself. The pistils of the flowers of these plants are red. This is why it’s called so. It comes from the mountains of the interior of the country. In Colombia the area is called Tierradentro an it literally means The Land of the interior. Plants are, or should we …

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